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3 Soul-Warming Winter Recipes

In Winter we focus on reducing iced/raw foods and eating lots of warm, nourishing foods to keep our "Inner Fire" burning bright during the cold, dark days. So traditional smoothies with ice, berries and bananas do not serve us as well as they would mid-summer. This nourishing winter smoothie is made with no ice, fruits or dairy, and has comforting sweet potato, oats and spices for an incredibly filling treat.

This is a favorite breakfast of mine in the winter, although I even had it for dinner one day! 

The carrots, walnuts and warming spices bring it to another level.

Each season, there is a specific color & flavor that is extra supportive of the body at that time. In Winter, we eat foods that are black in color and salty in flavor. This soup is packed with many of those winter power foods. Aduki beans are a kind of reddish-black bean, but you can sub for black beans. Miso is a salty fermented soybean paste that is great for digestion. You'll also find immune-boosting garlic, ginger and mushrooms.

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