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Do you...

- wake up feeling tired, heavy & achy?

~ start your day on auto-pilot in ways that don't truly fuel you?

~ feel too tired to exercise & disconnected from your body?

~ know the things you "should do" but lack the motivation and daily-habits to do them?


⭐️ springing out of bed each morning with energy and excitement for the day

⭐️ feeling amazing in your body - light, balanced, and radiant from the inside out

⭐️ engaging with your life and family from a place of ease and playfulness instead of exhaustion and irritability


is a 30-day group program consisting of:




⭐️ learn the foods that best support your energy, balance & overall well-being in Fall

⭐️ get support & accountability to create a meal plan that works for you and stay on track

⭐️ learn how to use so-called "set-backs" to help you develop more intuitive eating

⭐️ refill your cup with simple self-care tips and supportive community

⭐️ be guided with Qi gong and meditations to boost energy, reduce stress and increase mental clarity

Based in ancient Chinese principles for balance & longevity, this complete mind-body-spirit reset will help you cultivate new healthy habits to improve your mood, energy, sleep, digestion, and overall health


~ weekly zoom group coaching calls to keep you motivated and on track 

~ weekly customized trainings on: nutrition, Qi gong, meditations or mindset 

~ Fall food guide with shopping list, meal plan and recipes 

~ private program page with recorded content 


⭐️ One 60-minute Private Call to get you on track with a customized plan

⭐️ “Master Your Sleep & Energy” Recorded Training 

Register below to join~ we start Monday Oct, 26


How does it work?

~ Before we start you will get a shopping list of the the most deliciously nutritious foods for FALL.

 ~Then for 30 days you will enjoy seasonal whole foods while invigorating your mind-body-spirit with powerful self-healing practices.

~ There will be a suggested meal plan, simple recipes, and food prep ideas, which you can customize to work with your schedule and feel most nourished.

~ The supporting content/classes will be delivered live with recordings of all content on the program page.

What will I be eating? You will be eating all the whole, unprocessed meals, soups, smoothies, teas and snacks you need to keep full and fueled! This includes the abundance of fruits and vegetables in season, plus whole grains, healthy fats, nuts, seeds, beans, and lean proteins (if desired). 

Is this a detox? No, this is not about deprivation, heavy detoxing or extreme dieting. In fact our bodies are naturally designed to detoxify when given abundant high-quality nutrition and a break from processed, heavy foods.

Will I be hungry? You will not be limiting food intake but simply doing your best to eat as much whole, real food as possible. By volume you may even be eating more food and feeling fuller and satisfied longer without crashing or cravings.

I'm going away for some of the days. Can I still do this? ABSOLUTELY! This is designed for you to do from anywhere you have internet access. What's better than to go away and feel amazing when it's over instead of heavy and off. In fact, the break from "normal" life can be a great time to instill new healthy habits that you can take home with you. We will go over the best options to order if you eat out or order in.

Can I drink coffee? This is not as much about what you're taking away as what you're adding in. Coffee is fine if it feels ok for you. If you're trying to break from it, this is a great time, as we will be building natural energy through our activities. If you do drink it, I suggest you take it with non-dairy milk and no sugar.

What about wine? Same as above. Chinese Medicine also sees wine as having some medicinal effects in the right amounts! Some women notice alcohol aggravates symptoms like hot flashes and PMS. If this is you, I suggest you go without to see the difference it makes. If you are having joyful, celebratory moment with others, go ahead...but I suggest no more than a glass or two each week.

What are the classes? We are not just our bodies but a connected mind-body-spirit. The classes work synergistically with the food cleanse to re-balance and re-invigorate your health and energy. Qi gong is gentle meditative movement with the breath. It's a simple but powerful way to boost energy and mental focus and clear out negativity. 

The classes are basic and ALL levels. They will be slow-paced and easy to follow, with clear instruction and ways to modify.

What if I can't make all the classes live? I hope you can join the classes live to benefit from the collective energy of the group, but I know life happens and other schedules may be set. All the content, classes and meditations will be recorded and available within 24 hours for you to do on your own time.

What if I fall behind on the content? Since the content will be available through the end of the December so you have plenty of time to catch up and stay on track through the holidays.

I will support you to redefine “busy” and see that self-care can fit into your daily life with ease. You will have the support and accountability to stay on track and will see yourself evolving as you go!

I'm not great with tech - will this be complicated? Not at all - you will receive a link to get to the program page with one click. There you will find the schedule, Zoom link, class replays, meditations and all the info you received in your welcome email (shopping list, etc). The only thing you NEED to do is download Zoom on your computer. You will receive daily emails with Zoom link to that day's class.

Am I guaranteed to feel a difference? While I can't guarantee anything, if you commit to nourish your body and do the powerful movements, meditations and self-healing practices, you will raise your vibration and feel more calm, clear, energized and empowered. SHOW UP for yourself and you WILL feel the difference.

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