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July 27 - August 7, 2020

Does the summer heat have you feeling heavy, lethargic and foggy-headed?
Do you sleep poorly & wake up feeling achy and inflamed?
Does your day start on auto-pilot in ways that don't truly fuel you?
Are you too tired to exercise and feeling disconnected from your body?
Do you know the things you “should” do but lost the motivation and daily habits to do them?



Imagine yourself after just 2 weeks feeling lightness in body and clarity in mind, sleeping through the night and waking energized and pain-free. 

The Summer Reset is a 12-day group program of 





Based in ancient Chinese principles for balance and longevity, this complete mind-body-spirit reset will help you cultivate new healthy habits to improve your mood, energy, sleep, digestion, skin, and overall health.


Summer is a perfect time to cleanse. 

We are naturally eating lighter, sweating more and releasing toxins. 

However, the benefits of this reset will extend far beyond the typical detox. 



With gentle Qi Gong and yogaguided meditations, and aromatherapy-acupressure techniques (custom made oil blends sent to you!) you will: 


~ build simple morning & evening practices for sustained natural energy and restful sleep


~ fuel your body with the best foods to beat heaviness, lethargy and brain fog AND


~ implement my secrets for radiant living and graceful aging

like the "Instant Energy Face-lift" and the #1 rule to set your day up for success


....all in a supportive circle to keep you inspired and motivated

Hi I'm Stefanie and I know feeling heavy and lethargic all too well. . .

This time last year I was struggling to get out of bed at 9am, dragging myself all day, and waking through the night. 

As an acupuncturist I was helping my clients get in balance but not feeling that way myself. 

Once I reset my eating, exercise and daily routine to align with the energies of each season, my sleep improved, my energy skyrocketed. I feel happier and calmer, and I lost that last 5 pounds!

I created this 12-day reset to HELP YOU GET ALIGNED so you look and feel amazing this summer. 


In Chinese Medicine, Summer is related to the Heart and the emotion of Joy.

Have you ever spoke to someone who radiates vitality, beauty & grace?

That’s the Heart coming through. 

 "When our Heart is balanced, it radiates through a glowing complexion, sparkling eyes and joyful laughter. Our mind is calm and clear.  We sleep deeply, wake rested, and get the most out of life"



The 12 Day Reset includes: 

Seasonal Plant-

Based Eating 

Enjoy the luxurious simplicity of eating in season. Exactly what to eat to feel light, focused and energized. Shopping list, meal plans & recipes for the best foods of summer.  

Morning Qi Gong 

and Yoga

Gentle morning movement to activate your energy, lift your spirit and boost mental focus. See schedule below. 

Guided Meditations

for Sleep  

Beautiful guided meditations to feel calm and cool, which is essential for sleep in Chinese Medicine. Listen to them at your own pace. 

 Acupressure with Aromatherapy 

Easy techniques for healing One class to reduce anxiety and another for a glowing complexion, with custom essential oil blends sent to you.


Here's the schedule for each week: (times are EST)


Monday 11am: Live call: How to eat seasonal and sustain healthy habits (45 minutes)

Tuesday 8:30am: Qi Gong  (30 minutes)

Wednesday 8:00pm Acupressure Workshop (45 minutes)

Friday 11:00am: Yoga (1 hour) 

You will benefit from a supportive circle to keep you inspired and on track and I will be here to make sure you are getting the results you want.  

If you want to:

...know exactly how to eat for energy and mental clarity your day with powerful energy practices what makes you feel most alive and create healthy habits to sustain that  

...experience a deeper connection to yourself and your inner source of joy and energy

...shine your radiance through clearer skin and brighter eyes

...get the motivation, support and structure to create positive momentum for your health 

then join now...


The Summer Reset is delivered to you in 

a combination of live & recorded content.

You will get....

  • a welcome email with the details to prepare for your reset 

  • shopping list, customizable meal plan and delicious simple recipes with food prep to make it all easy 

  • 2 live zoom calls on seasonal eating and living and how to create and sustain healthy habits 

  • 2 Qi Gong and 2 Yoga classes to get your energy activated and flowing 

  • 2 acupressure with aromatherapy tutorials - one on healing anxiety and one for a glowing complexion

  • 2 custom essential oil blends mailed to you as a gift 

  • heart-healing guided meditations to help you unwind and sleep 

  • daily emails that guide you through the reset cleanse process and keep you on track

  • a private Facebook book for inspiration and support

PLUS access to me personally to make sure you stay on track and feel great in the process. 

All this for an investment of $179


What are the dates?   You will receive your welcome email on Thursday July 23 with everything you need to get ready, and then we reset from Monday July 27 - Friday Aug 7! 

How does it work? 

  • Before we start you will get a shopping list of the the most deliciously nutritious foods for Summer. 

  • Then for 12 days you will enjoy seasonal foods, smoothies and teas while invigorating your mind-body-spirit with powerful self-healing practices. 

  • There will be a suggested meal plan, simple recipes, and food prep ideas, which you can customize to work with your schedule and feel most nourished. 

  • The supporting content/classes will be delivered live during the weekdays (with Weds off), with recordings of all content on the program page. 

  • Our private Facebook page will be a place to receive connection and support and share goals, challenges, wins, insights, inspirations and recipes tried. 

What does the schedule look like? Here's the schedule for each week:

Monday 10 AM: Live call and discussion (45 minutes) - on the basics of seasonal eating from Chinese medicine and to support you to make new healthy habits

Tuesday 8:30 AM: Qi Gong class (30 minutes)

Wednesday 8 PM: Acupressure with Aromatherapy Tutorial (45 minutes)

Friday 10 AM: Yoga (60 minutes) - gentle heart-opening sequences for all levels 

What will I be eating?  You will be eating all the whole, unprocessed meals, smoothies, teas and snacks you need to keep full and fueled! This includes the abundance of fruits and vegetables in season, plus whole grains, healthy fats, nuts, seeds, beans, and lean proteins (if desired). 

Is this a detox? Not really, this is not about deprivation, heavy detoxing or extreme dieting. In fact our bodies are naturally designed to detoxify when given abundant high-quality nutrition and a break from processed, heavy foods

Will I be hungry? You will not be limiting food intake but simply making sure everything you put in your body is a whole, real food. By volume you may even be eating more food and feeling fuller and satisfied longer without crashing or cravings. 

I'm going on vacation. Can I still do the reset? ABSOLUTELY! This is designed for you to do from anywhere you have internet access. What's better than to go on vacation and feel amazing when it's over instead of heavy and off. In fact, the break from "normal" life can be a great time to instill new healthy habits that you can take home with you. We will go over the best options to order if you eat out or order in. 

Can I drink coffee?  This is not as much about what you're taking away as what you're adding in. Coffee is actually a bitter food that can support the heart in moderation, as long as it feels ok for you. If you're trying to break from it, this is a great time, as we will be building natural energy through our activities. If you feel ok with it, I suggest you take it with non-dairy milk and no sugar. 

What about wine? Same as above. Chinese Medicine also sees wine as having some medicinal effects in the right amounts. Some women notice alcohol aggravates symptoms like hot flashes and PMS. If this is you, I suggest you go without to see the difference it makes. If you are having joyful, celebratory moment with others, go ahead...but I suggest no more than a glass or two each week.

What are the classes? We are not just our bodies but a connected mind-body-spirit. The classes work synergistically with the food cleanse to re-balance and re-invigorate your health and energy. Qi gong is gentle meditative movement with the breath. It's a simple but powerful way to boost energy and mental focus and clear out negativity. The Yoga classes are a slow-paced, unique blend of restorative, hatha and kundalini, with attention to how the poses open acupuncture energy channels. 

What if I am a beginner at yoga or Qi gong? The classes are basic and ALL levels. They will be slow-paced and easy to follow, with clear instruction and ways to modify.

What if I can't make all the classes live?  I hope you can join the classes live to benefit from the collective energy of the group, but I know life happens and other schedules may be set. All the content, classes and meditations will be recorded and available within 24 hours for you to do on your own time, and will stay up on the program page until the end of August for you to repeat as often as you would like. 

What if I fall behind on the content? Since the content will be available through August, you could commit to whole foods for the 2 weeks and catch up the classes and meditations. THAT BEING SAID , you will have the best results implementing the eating and other content synergistically. 

By stepping into the container of the 12 day experience fully, you will redefine “busy” and see that self-care can fit into your daily life with ease. You will have the support and accountability to stay on track and will see yourself evolving as you go!

I'm not great with tech - will this be complicated? Not at all - you will receive a link to get to the program page with one click. There you will find the schedule, Zoom link, class replays, meditations and all the info you received in your welcome email (shopping list, etc). The only thing you NEED to do is download Zoom on your computer. You will receive daily emails with Zoom link to that day's class. 

Do I have to join the Facebook group? Joining the Facebook group is recommended but not required.  The Facebook Group is there to provide a supportive, safe space of connection and accountability, as well share goals, challenges, wins, insights and recipes tried! Change is so much easier when made with and supported by others. 

Am I guaranteed to feel a difference? While I can't guarantee anything, if you commit to nourish your body with only the recommended whole foods for just 12 days, AND do the powerful movements, meditations and self-healing practices, there's no way you won't FEEL LIKE A SUPERWOMAN. This reset is all about making a choice to bring in daily habits that will raise your vibration and have you feeling more calm, clear, energized and empowered. SHOW UP for yourself and you WILL feel the difference.


What are you 

waiting for?

Let's Reset Together

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