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Acupuncture is a wonderful investment in your quality of life and long term health. Here's how to get you feeling better faster and give you the best, long-lasting and cost-effective results: 1, Commit to a full course of treatment. Acupuncture has a cumulative effect. For the best and most lasting benefits, treatment needs to be consistent to correct the underlying imbalance leading to your symptoms. We can discuss the best schedule for you, depending on your condition, health goals budget and time constraints. 2, Pay attention to your day-to-day health and any changes in symptoms, and let me know how you are doing. It can help to keep a log of symptoms throughout the day, as well as shifts in sleep, energy and stress levels. This helps me assess progress and fine-tune your treatments for maximum effectiveness. 3. If herbs or supplements are prescribed, take them on schedule. If you have any concerns, call me right away to we can correct any problems and keep you on track. 4. Make room for relaxation. Acupuncture taps into your body's own energy to do the work, and resting in between treatments helps your busy use its resources for healing and recovery. 5. Exercise regularly, but not excessively. When we move our bodies, we move our Qi! According to Chinese Medicine, when our Qi (life force energy) flows freely, there is no place for dis-ease to settle. Excessive exercise, however, can drain too much energy away from where its needed. Walking, biking, dancing and yoga are great options. 6. Be open to changes in diet and lifestyle. We may discuss avoiding or eating certain foods, setting a more regular schedule or ways to reduce stress, which often contributes to pain and symptoms.


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