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Do you..

  • wake up feeling tired, heavy & achy?

  • have sluggish digestion, congestion, headaches, PMS or other chronic symptoms?

  • know the things you "should do" but lack motivation and daily-habits to do them?

  • want to feel lighter, brighter, cleaner and clearer?

Then the Spring Reset Cleanse is for you! 

The Spring Reset Cleanse is 10-days of:

  • seasonal, whole-food eating

  • gentle energizing movement

  • and powerful self-care practices

This is more than just a food cleanse...

It's a body-mind-spirit reset based on ancient principles for balance & longevity that will help you:

  • attune to the expansive energy of Spring

  • cultivate healthy habits balanced emotions

  • improve sleep, energy, and overall health

  • inspire your sense of vision & purpose

  • redefine your relationship with food & your body

And it's designed to easy & enjoyable without deprivation, dieting or expensive supplements. 

Fri Apr 26 - May 5

“I definitely feel more energy and a sense of the stress being lifted off my shoulders. I also noticed feeling less hungry. The whole foods have been really satisfying.”

"I moved through my day with an energy I haven’t felt in a long time. The fog lifted and I felt like an awakening! Thank you for having this cleanse! It’s really what I needed.​"

"My digestion is so much better and my sleep improved after a couple of days. I feel more even instead of the sugar roller-coaster I was on. My mood is good.”

You will learn:

  • The best way to start a cleanse for success

  • How to move through your day in ways that truly fuel you

  • The best foods in Spring for energy and natural detoxification

  • Gentle movement for vitality & focus

  • The secret to maintaining healthy habits & balanced emotions

  • An approach to heal your relationship to food, exercise, and self-care

  • How to activate your vision & inspired action by aligning with the expansive energy of Spring.

You will get:

  • The Spring Reset Guide with shopping list, meal plan ideas and simple, delicious recipes 

  • LIVE Intro Call to attune you to the expansive energy of Spring

  • Four 30-minute Qigong movement classes morning to awaken your energy (Live with recording)

  • Luxurious self-care rituals inspired by Spring

  • Daily emails to keep you motivated and on track

  • Recordings on a private page

"Everything just feels better all around. I love embracing the season and feel the shift more deeply. I am sleeping much better."

"Stefanie is an enlightened being and an amazing healer. She has so many tips and tricks to help you feel more healthy and productive."

"This cleanse has been awesome! I would be very interested in participating in one for each of the five seasons."

What are the dates? 

The reset runs from Fri April 26 - Mon May 5, but all content will be available through the end of Spring!


How does it work?

  • Before we start you'll get your SPRING RESET GUIDE with shopping list, meal plans, recipes, and food prep ideas that you can customize for your preferences. 

  • We'll have an Intro Call to attune you to the energy of Spring.

  • You'll be supported to enjoy seasonal whole foods, gentle energizing movement, and inspired self-care.

  • There will be four live 30-minute movement classes that will be recorded for you to do at your convenience.

  • Plus daily emails to keep motivated & inspired. 

What is the schedule?

(Everything will be taught LIVE with recordings available.)

Intro Call (45 minutes) 

Fri Apr 26 ~ 6-7pm ET

Qigong ~ 30 minute standing sequences of gentle, flowing movement

Tues Apr 30 ~ 9am ET

Thur May 2~  9am ET

Tues May 7 ~ 9am ET

Thur May 9 ~ 9am ET

What will I be eating?

All the whole, unprocessed foods, juices, smoothies, teas and snacks you need to keep full and fueled! This includes the abundance of fruits and vegetables in season, plus whole grains, healthy fats, nuts, seeds, beans, and lean proteins (if desired). The guide will have recipes and meal suggestions that you can choose from, or you can create your own recipes.

Is this a detox?

This is about eating clean, not about deprivation, heavy detoxing or extreme dieting. Our bodies are naturally designed to detoxify when given abundant high-quality nutrition and a break from processed, heavy foods. If this is a big jump for you from lots of processed, heavy food, you may feel a detoxing effect. I will address this and ways to alleviate it as we go through. 

Can I eat out?

YES! We will go over the best options to order if you eat out or order in.

Can I drink coffee?

This is not as much about what you're taking away as what you're adding in. If you're trying to break from coffee, this is a great time, as we will be building natural energy through our activities. If you feel ok with it, I suggest you take it with non-dairy milk and no sugar.

What about wine?

Same as above. Chinese Medicine also sees wine as having some medicinal effects in the right amounts. Some women notice alcohol aggravates symptoms like hot flashes and PMS. If this is you, I suggest you go without to see the difference it makes. If you are having joyful, celebratory moment with others, go ahead...but I suggest no more than a glass or two during the cleanse. 

What are the movement classes?

Qigong is flowing movement with breath that is done standing. The classes work synergistically with the food cleanse to re-balance and re-invigorate your health and energy. When you feel better from the inside, you're more likely to make the healthiest choices for you that keep you feeling good. The classes are basic and ALL levels. They will be slow-paced and easy to follow, with clear instruction and ways to modify.

What if I can't make all the classes live? 

All the content, classes and meditations will be recorded and available in our private page.

What if I fall off the cleanse?

You can just pick up where you left off. Plus, I will be teaching you how so-called "setbacks" can actually teach you to eat more intuitively. 

Am I guaranteed to feel a difference?

While I can't guarantee anything, if you commit to nourish your body with the recommended whole foods, powerful movements, and self-care practices, you'll be raising your vibration to feel more calm, clear, energized, aligned and empowered. 


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