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  Exper​ience Ease, Energy & Vitality with Chinese Medicine  


I combine time-tested healing with compassionate, intuitive guidance to help my patients experience true health and vitality from the inside out. My specialties include natural pain management, stress relief, women's health/fertility, weight loss and digestion, as well as emotional/ mental well-being, which I believe is the cornerstone of all health.

Hi! I'm Stefanie,

"I started going to Stefanie Cotter Acupuncture, P.C. five years ago and quickly became "addicted" -- to her knowledge of Chinese Medicine and treatments, her soothing voice, and our conversations about healthy living. Weekly sessions varied from focusing on weight control and good nutrition to pain reduction, immunity boosting, anxiety lessening, and energy building. I always felt better when I said good-bye to Stefanie; visits with her developed into an important aspect of my health and wellness routine. My acupuncture appointments have become an essential means of helping have more energy and balance. I trust her and love the improved wellness in body, mind and spirit I experience after every treatment."

Pam, Piermont, NY

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